Social Responsability.


Having a positive impact on the community is an instinctive drive for us, so we’re constantly on the lookout for chances to give back to the communities where our employees and families live.

At Acero Prime we have a wide-ranging philanthropy program whose purpose is to protect vulnerable groups by supporting relevant associations and institutions in every city where we’re located. This program also includes the active participation of our employees and their families to boost support for those who need it most.

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Environmental Policy

At Acero Prime we act responsibly to limit the environmental impact of our operations, products, and services. We’re constantly improving our pollution-prevention programs, complying with current laws, and raising awareness among our employees about the importance of protecting the environment.

The Biosphere

At Acero Prime we’re proud to take action to help care for the environment. We’re a company that ties our strategic objectives to community development and environment stewardship. One example is our role in conserving of one of the country’s most important natural areas, the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. We made a significant donation in 2009 to acquire 25% of the Hoya del Nogal estate in the center of the Reserve.

Since then we’ve worked to preserve this ecosystem. By privately acquiring these lands, we can guarantee that they’re preserved intact, ensuring that no one can cut down trees, pollute or damage the area. The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is located in the north of Queretaro State, and at 947,814 acres, it covers 32% of the state’s land. Within this area, 2,435 plant species and 580 animal species have been identified, many of them in danger of extinction, such as the jaguar, the green macaw, and the black bear.

Prime Community

Our company’s human talent is what sets us apart. Our employees’ work reflects our company values and is based on the trust that creates long-term relationships. Our customer service mindset, and their ability to listen and adapt to any changes that arise, let them meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Every one of our employees is a success story. Their career paths lead to happy families, challenges overcome, and promising futures.

To contribute to the well-being of our employees and their families, we organize several activities throughout the year to raise awareness about health care, sanitation, philanthropy, and the environment.

Thanks to our employees’ constant and active participation in such programs, we’ve succeeded in bringing our company culture and strategic objectives into their homes, with a transformative, transcendent synergy.